SpeakingLet us engage and inspire your team with a dynamic presentation tailored to your organization’s needs.

Employers, associations and organizations have looked to Leslie to lead workshops, participate on panels and provide training sessions for their groups.

We provide one-hour interactive sessions on:

  • Resiliency in a world fraught with Change!
  • What’s the Difference Between Coaching, Mentoring & Feedback?
  • Creating a Vision for your Professional Life
  • Developing YOU & Others
  • Storytelling for Leaders – Telling your Story (1.5-2 Hours)
  • Leading without a Title or a Team
  • What is Coaching…Why does it Work?

Looking for 1-3 day training sessions?  Let’s talk about how Lead Coach Mentor and our learning partners can fill your learning needs.

To learn more 407-622-1433 or email Leslie@LeadCoachMentor.com