Profitable Transaction

You will have a chance soon to make a profitable transaction

profitable transaction

Fortune cookies may not provide us with advice we should necessarily follow, but they often give us a jumping off point. Those fortunes can spark a good idea and send us off in a new direction. Take, for example, “You will have a chance soon to make a profitable transaction”.

This fortune could mean a variety of things…are you coming into money? Are you going to meet someone new who will provide you with beneficial contacts? A profitable transaction could be anything. And the fortune says ‘a chance’? Will you take that chance? Will you realize it when it presents itself, or will you let opportunity knock and ignore it?

Recognizing Opportunity

One of the first steps to becoming an effective leader is learning how to recognize opportunity when it knocks. Opportunity recognition is part of being an innovator. Leaders are expected to be able to recognize ideas that are transformative. That ‘A ha!’ moment, that moment of inspiration, is a skill that can be learned.

When offered a new job or a new opportunity do you know how to evaluate it? Your evaluation skills are key to moving ahead. You can get better at spotting those profitable opportunities.

New Ideas

When new ideas are presented to you, they may not be perfect. If you see those imperfections don’t automatically assume this opportunity is not for you. Be keen enough to see the imperfections and smart enough to remember those imperfections don’t define the opportunity. Find that profitable opportunity in spite of the imperfections.

And look for the next big idea. Leaders know to think big, and they don’t worry about the obstacles that may stand in the way between inception and completion. They may not know, right off the bat, how to overcome all of those obstacles, but they are thinking ahead, looking for answers.

Leaders Learn from Failure

Sure, you’ve taken risks before that didn’t pan out. But failed attempts at an idea are not the definition failure. Actually most great opportunities weren’t realized on the first attempt. It usually takes rounds of failure before an idea is ever perfected and executed. Look at the causes of the preceding failures to learn how to fix them and succeed.

The Future

Remember, the opportunity presented to you today may be the next big innovation of tomorrow. And timing really can be everything. Maybe an idea you had in the past, one that never came to fruition, simply needed today’s technology to take off. Examine some of those ‘failed’ ideas and see if they can become profitable opportunities today. That fortune cookie just might be on to something!

Mentoring Programs

Are you a leader who sees the next big idea for what it is? Are there others in your organization who need a little help seeing those profitable opportunities? If so, why not start a mentoring program in your company? Mentoring programs increase retention, improve employee satisfaction, and may just help your bottom line! Who knows what opportunities your mentees may add to the mix!

Business Coaching & Mentoring

And… Yes we realize Leadership skills and abilities don’t come from Fortune Cookies; sometimes they spark a thought! Leslie Mizerak is an experienced Executive Coach & Leadership Facilitator. Leslie began her career 20+ years ago teaching Fortune 1000 managers how to become leaders in their organizations. Leslie works in-person and virtually with clients from across the globe Contact Leslie to discuss Business & Executive Coaching & Leadership Training for your organization.