Mentoring is a social development tool designed to connect emerging leaders with successful leaders in your organization.

A Mentor Is:

A Trusted Advisor

A Teacher

Someone who provides guidance

A wise and trusted counselor

A Mentee Is:

A person who is advised, trained, or counseled by a mentor.

A person that desires to be taught

Someone who receives and acts upon guidance

Build a Mentoring Culture with Lead Coach Mentor

Build a Mentoring Culture with Lead Coach Mentor

A mentoring program is a low-risk tool that utilizes the strength of your current population. It helps to develop others and can:

  • improve employee satisfaction
  • increase employee retention (reduce turnover)
  • build future leaders
  • be an effective recruiting tool
  • increase internal collaboration

Lead Coach Mentor supports culture development for your organization’s mentoring program.

  1. Creating a Mentoring culture is NOT a Top-Down Process
  2. Creating a Mentoring culture is NOT HR’s job
  3. “It takes a village” – Mentoring culture development must involve people from across the organization
  4. Top Management must sponsor, support and nurture such a program for global success

Questions to think about…

  • Why do we want a mentor program?
  • What do we expect the benefits of this program to be?
  • Who will be the leadership champion?
  • Who should be invited/included in organizing?
  • What do we expect as an output from the design team?
  • What do we expect as a measurement of success?
  • Who do we know that has a mentor?
  • Who do we know that is a mentor?
  • What has made success mentoring relationships successful for your organization?
  • How will we market the program and the successes?
  • How will we celebrate successes?
  • And so many more…

Creating a mentoring program requires time.

Creating mentoring culture requires drive, stamina and a love of development and professional growth.

Let’s discuss how we can work together to help you create a culture for mentors in your organization.