Giving through Mentoring

Your Giving Soul Will Soon Be Rewarded

giving soul

Giving through Mentoring.  A generous person prospers. It’s karma, right? When your fortune cookie says, ‘Your giving soul will soon be rewarded’, that seems like a fortune you can believe in. There are so many ways to give, too. You can, of course, give monetarily, but you can also give of yourself. When you give by developing others, you grow. That’s rewarding.

Giving by Developing Others: Mentor

When you mentor someone, when you advise or train someone, providing them with your guidance, you grow as a person. When you teach, you learn. According to the Learning Pyramid, which was developed in the 1960s by the National Training Laboratories Institute, you retain 90% of what you know simply by reteaching that information. By mentoring.

When you mentor, you learn by giving, by teaching. Your mentee learns, and you grow as a person.

Mentoring Programs

A mentoring program is a development tool designed to connect emerging leaders with successful leaders within your organization.

  • Mentors act as trusted advisors, knowledgeable leaders and teachers, and wise counselors.
  • Mentors provide guidance, giving advice and experience to their mentees.
  • The mentees in your organization gain training and career counseling while mentors gain education themselves, growing as leaders.

Mentoring Programs

Mentoring programs are low-risk tools that rely on the strength of your leaders, while they develop your emerging leaders.

These programs not only improve employee satisfaction, they also increase employee retention, making everyone in your organization happier. They help build future leaders and increase collaboration among your staff.

Lead Coach Mentor can help you develop a mentoring culture in your organization.

Becoming a mentor, or establishing a mentoring program within your company, is a way to give back. You’ll see, your giving soul will soon be rewarded once you give of yourself. Impart your knowledge and experience to others and get it back tenfold.

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And… Yes we realize Leadership skills and abilities don’t come from Fortune Cookies; sometimes they spark a thought! Leslie Mizerak is an experienced Executive Coach & Leadership Facilitator. Leslie began her career 20+ years ago teaching Fortune 1000 managers how to become leaders in their organizations. Leslie works in-person and virtually with clients from across the globe Contact Leslie to discuss Mentoring, Leadership Coaching & Training for your organization.