Gift from Nature

A Gift from Nature Will Soon Be Coming Your Way

gift from nature

While we all tend to read the fortunes from our Fortune Cookies and laugh, sometimes a Fortune Cookie can open our eyes. While the fortune may not tell us the future, it can spark something that helps change our lives…

Take, for example the fortune that reads, ‘A Gift from Nature Will Soon Be Coming Your Way’.

A gift from nature can be so many things. A new puppy? Flowers blooming in your garden? A soothing walk in the park? It could be something as small as the sounds of the birds…

Nature’s gift can be as simple as giving us an appreciation for the little things in life.

My gift from nature gave me a bit of calm on a crazy day, and now leads to me to look for tranquility on days when I need it most.

I facilitate a personal leadership class, and because I would never ask my participants to do something I wouldn’t do, I typically do the same things over the break that they do.

One thing I ask program participants to do is to track the things they appreciate.  So, after a long day of work and grueling commute home I decided to go sit on the back porch and think about what I had to appreciate about the day.  I was sitting there journaling about my appreciation, noticing how still and calm it was outside, when out of the blue two birds started chirping and talking to each other.  Those birds chattered on and on, and it was such a delight to hear.

That experience gave me a newfound appreciation of two simple things I hadn’t thought to appreciate before: finding a calm spot in a crazy day, and the gorgeous music the birds were singing to me.

I’ve learned now to listen for the joyous sounds of birds and to delight in the calm whenever I can; both true gifts from nature.

Finding Your Calm

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