Executive Coaching

We understand our clients individual needs; we offer coaching which will guide you through complex issues and help you establish clearly defined and straight-forward initiatives.

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It’s a simple fact: there’s always room to improve. With improvement being a constant, the difficult thing for many executives to manage is that there are many areas to improve simultaneously. A Standout Executive is one who is aware and works on his or her soft skills, leadership skills, time management and priorities. Lead Coach Mentor offers coaching which will help you identify your skills and areas for improvement, as well as guide you through those improvements.

Executive Coaching Scenarios:

  • Influence Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Executive Presence
  • Leadership Team & Board Presentation Development/Deployment
  • Strategy Development/Alignment
  • project Accountability
  • & More

Role transition planning 

Taking on a new role is an exciting process and an essential part of an exciting and satisfying career. Career transitions come with a whole host of challenges and coaching can help ensure a smooth transition. Lead Coach Mentor works with executives before, during and after the transition, working with clients to determine what roadblocks exist at each stage and breaking them down.

Professional goal setting

Consider just how important goals are in your workplace. Without them, business doesn’t exist. Goal setting is a central part of the executive’s work, setting appropriate and reasonable goals not only for themselves, but for their teams, and for their entire company. Our coaching program will help you become a Standout Executive, an amazing goal setter who can effectively measure progress and can lead teams to the top. We will guide you through the process of clarifying organizational goals and help you build on the steps and measurements as your company improves and reaches these goals.

Clarifying organizational mission, vision, values, & goals

Can you do it alone?  Sure, there are many skills you can improve upon alone! A great coach can really accelerate the learning process and advance your growth, helping you consider new perspectives and realize exactly which of your skills can be improved. Lead Coach Mentor provides the advice and situational practice which will get you results for you and your company faster.

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