Coaching For Emerging Leaders & Hi-Pos


Are you seen as an Emerging Leader? Do you have Emerging Leaders in your organization that you need to prep for succession?

What is an Emerging Leader?

Emerging Leaders are those that have the technical capabilities for larger roles in their organization but they often lack the leadership capabilities for future success.

What are Hi-Potenetials?

Hi-Potentials are often seen as ready to move up in 1-3 executive levels over a fixed period in their career with an organization.  They typically have solid technical skills and average leadership skills.  This audience usually focuses their coaching on taking skills to the ‘next level’ and overcoming blind spots.

Capability Building for Emerging Leaders and Hi-Potentials

Coaching for Emerging Leaders & Hi-Potentials

Coaching for Emerging Leaders & Hi-Potentials

  • Communicating effectively
  • Building strategic relationships and alliances
  • Assessing/addressing strengths and development opportunities
  • Influencing outcomes and building confidence
  • Managing emotional intelligence
  • Effectively leading change
  • Leading with authenticity
  • Creating executive presence

Maybe it’s grit that helps you, or your staff stand out, as Angela Lee Duckworth explains in her TED Talk. Let us help you find your grit!