Love is the Glue

Love is the glue that holds together everything in the world.

love is the glue

Every once in a while a Fortune Cookie has a lot to say. While this ‘fortune’ may not be predicting the future, it definitely has a lot to say: “Love is the glue that holds together everything in the world” provides us with a simple truth. Love does make the world go round.

In light of ALL of the tragedies that have occurred here in Orlando this week, it is important to remember that love conquers all. Yes, yet another platitude, but one that is just so true. We saw people from different religions, different countries, different walks of life, different belief systems, all coming together to provide support, and to provide love. Because we all know that ‘Love is love is love is love is love’ to paraphrase Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony’s speech.

When you feel the world falling apart, it is important to reach out to the ones you love, the ones you hold dear. They can help you hold everything together, and you can help hold them together, too. It’s a two-way street.

Once in a while someone enters our world who makes us feel especially loved. Their presence centers us, brings everyone together. Their love is the glue that holds us together. It’s important to count those blessings.

Who, or what, is the glue that holds you together?

When your life is less stressful, you can find the joy in every day. Focus on personal and professional connections, because love is the glue that holds our worlds together.

Here’s the link for Miranda’s Love is Love speech.

And… Yes we realize Leadership skills and abilities don’t come from Fortune Cookies; sometimes they spark a thought! Leslie Mizerak is an experienced Executive Coach & Leadership Facilitator. Leslie began her career 20+ years ago teaching Fortune 1000 managers how to become leaders in their organizations. Leslie works in-person and virtually with clients from across the globe Contact Leslie to discuss Leadership Coaching & Training for your organization.

Fortune Cookie Leadership: KMS

Sometimes a fortune cookie is just a cookie. While it is said to be bad luck to receive an empty fortune cookie, sometimes the fortune you do get is simply worthless. Take ‘K.M.S.’ for example. This is a fortune you might want to give back:

Q: What is K.M.S.? A: Keep mouth shut, the golden rule.

Fortune Cookie KMS

If you ever receive this fortune in your cookie, don’t follow it! It will get you nowhere fast! Are they serious with this stuff? I was never taught this ‘The Golden Rule’! Thankfully.

Remember, following this ‘rule’ will lead not just to silence, but to stagnancy. Those that keep their mouths shut don’t get heard, they don’t get chosen to lead or participate in amazing projects, they don’t have a seat at the table; they simply get forgotten.

In other words, those who keep their mouths shut are not leaders. Silence is not the stuff leaders are made of. Someone who keeps his or her mouth shut may be a manager, but he’s not a leader.

Learn to Speak Up and Be Heard

If you want to learn how to speak up and be heard, and be heard well, we need to talk about your communication style and influence coaching.

What Communication & Influence Coaching Can Do For You

At Lead Coach Mentor, we support our clients in developing the communication skills they need to be effective in their leadership roles.

Why are communication skills so important when it comes to leadership development? Because while you may have management skills, these skills can only take you so far. To be a leader, to move to the top of your industry, it is important to communicate like a leader. While we all agree that communication is a key skill, we rarely work on it.  We just assume communication skills are something we are born with, not something that can be taught.

Not true. We can teach you to better communicate. Leaders who are able to communicate can drive business results. They articulate their visions and bring people on board. They influence and motivate their staff.

Not everyone is a natural born communicator, but everyone can learn to better communicate through training, coaching and practice.

So, don’t ever think that keeping your mouth shut is the way forward. Speak up and be heard!

If you want to develop this crucial business skill, contact us today and see where your leadership skills can take you.

And… Yes we realize Leadership skills and abilities don’t come from Fortune Cookies; sometimes they spark a thought! Leslie Mizerak is an experienced Executive Coach & Leadership Facilitator. Leslie began her career 20+ years ago teaching Fortune 1000 managers how to become leaders in their organizations. Leslie works in-person and virtually with clients from across the globe Contact Leslie to discuss Communication & Influence Coaching & Training for your organization.

One Question Can Change Your Day!

I don’t know what the question is or will be but I will know it once it lands in my client’s mind – so will they! How so?  Their voice, words, body movement, eyes, will tell me.  Their minds, their heart, their gut will tell them.  LeadCoachMentorSigns

A question is something that seems simple at the outset but can become very complex and emotive once the right question is received.

The right question opens up thoughts, ideas, inspiration, memories, and so much more.

One day I was talking with a client in a rare face to face meeting. We were talking about a challenge he was having with an employee group and communication challenges that surround them.  I had asked several questions to dive into the situation then, POW, the right question came out – at the right time.  I saw my client’s shoulders drop, I asked what just happened.  He said he just realized what he had been doing that was negatively impacting the situation and the ownership he had in the situation.  From there we talked about the changes he wanted to make to move forward.  Over the coming weeks and months his professional life really started to change.  He took control, made some changes to his style and actions – his team responded.

One question can change your life. A question may just be the spark to something amazing! Who knows, you just may change someone’s life, as Drew Dudley explains.

What question will you be asked today? What question will you ask today?


Make Great Things Happen

IT IS MONDAY,MAKE GREAT Things HAPPEN!-2In thinking about this picture that I posted to LinkedIn about Monday and Making Great Things, I started to think about what great things will I to make happen today…

Great things I can make happen today…

  • Make my child smile
  • Ensure my family knows they are loved
  • Tell a friend how much I appreciate her
  • Check in with my client groups
  • Thank someone that gave me great advice last week
  • Appreciate my clients
  • Complete a project plan
  • Conclude my facilitation notes for a new class that I am delivering next week
  • Finish reading a terrific book for a meeting tomorrow evening

My family will always be first, as I hope is yours.  Those top 6 things on my list might take all of 30 minutes from my whole day; they will have the greatest impact – so much more that the bottom 3 because they involve people. People are what really matter, without them I am not in business, I am not really living.

What will you make happen today?



International Women’s Day

Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day with LCM’s 1st BLOG!

I have spent a good deal of this day – and the week, I might add – thinking about International Women’s Day.

I feel as though I have been very lucky in my career and have not felt discriminated against by being a woman, nor do I feel as though I have had significant pay disparity; but I know there are women out there who do experience these disparities.   This may impact their confidence, ability to provide, their self-esteem, and their desire to reach for something they feel they don’t deserve.

I celebrate Women across the planet that are doing their work, whether it is:womens Day

  • Inventing
  • Doctoring
  • Researching
  • Book-keeping
  • Managing
  • Stay-at-home-mommying
  • Entrepreneuring
  • Leading
  • Producing
  • Teaching
  • Soldiering
  • Working the front lines
  • Etc…

I celebrate each and every one of you and hope that you are or will be paid appropriately & that you are honored for your accomplishments, big and small. I also hope that one day International Women’s Day is no longer needed, and that one day we can just celebrate Peoples Day across the planet. Until that day, I wish you all a great March 8th!