Adventure is not outside, it is within


While George Eliot may have said it first (and she actually said “Adventure is not outside man, it is within”) this fortune cookie does the quote justice.

We truly must look inside first to find adventure before we go ‘outside’ to find it. While an effective leader is adventurous, you don’t have to jump off a cliff or skydive to be adventurous. You simply need to go inside yourself to find your courage.

Go Inside

So, how exactly how does one ‘go inside’ oneself? Deepak Chopra was once asked this very question, and he had some excellent advice to give.

According to Chopra, when you go inside yourself, a number of mysteries about your personal growth will be solved.

Spiritual Growth is Important

As Chopra points out, all great leaders know there is another level to the mind, the one we reach when we truly experience silence (in other words, meditation). When you experience this type of silence, your mind, your thoughts, begin to shift.

Effective Leaders and Mindfulness

Effective leaders meditate. Steve Jobs meditates. Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn meditates. They know that sitting still for a little while, and being quiet, brings with it a number of important benefits.

Lao Tzu once asked “Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?”

Today we are always only partly present. We multi-task. We’re connecting via cyberspace while we’re also connecting in the real world, so everyone gets only a piece of our attention. Meditation can help put the brakes on all of this commotion.

The term ‘mindfulness’ has been used a lot lately. Mindfulness, by definition, means: maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment

It’s not just about stillness or silence, but about changing our attitudes towards the way we deal with, and see, problems. Not only can being mindful keep you sane in a crazy world (it helps to ease stress) but it can also help you think more organized thoughts. When you get your house in order, so to speak, you can allow new insights to come.

And if you’re afraid you’ll never be able to sit still and meditate, know that yoga is a moving meditation. Take up yoga, or simply try sitting still in a quiet room for a few minutes and see how that goes!

What are your strengths? Is meditation one of them? Are you able to organize your thoughts and focus on new insights? At Lead Coach Mentor we offer Strengths Coaching which is all about focusing on what you do well, rather than on your weakness. We help you discover what you do best, and build upon that.

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