Accept your independence and use it wisely

accept your independence

Sometimes the fortunes we find inside cookies can be very spot on. Take, for example, the fortune which says “Accept your independence and use it wisely”.

We value independence. From an early age we want to be independent and we look up to those who are. Those people that we looked up to? They went on to lead. They knew how to use their independence wisely.

What is leadership?

We all have different definitions of what leadership is; but for the most part, we can agree leadership is the ability to get people to follow you.

Strong leaders know how to be independent.

Leaders can make a difference; they just can’t do it on their own. They need the support from those around them, as we all do. We all have followers; we all have leaders. That said, a strong leader knows how to be independent. They are dependent upon themselves. They know how to think for themselves and how to stand up for themselves.

Today, companies are looking for those who can think on their feet, independently. They want people who have the leadership qualities to make their organizations successful, without having to second guess themselves. These companies need leaders who can make decisions on their own and move forward with it, confidently.

Do you know how to be independent? Do you know how to use your independence wisely?

Emerging Leadership Coaching can help.

What is an Emerging Leader?

Emerging Leaders are those that have the technical capabilities for larger roles in their organization but they often lack the leadership capabilities for future success. They are not sure how to use their independence.

While a fortune cookie can provide you with the leadership skills and abilities you need to become an effective leader, they can often push you in the right direction to make a change. That change could make you the effective leader you know you can be.

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Leslie Mizerak is an experienced Executive Coach & Leadership Facilitator. Leslie began her career over 20 years ago teaching Fortune 1000 managers how to become leaders in their organizations. Leslie works in-person and virtually with clients from across the globe. Find out what Emerging Leadership Coaching can do for your organization.